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Jade carving industry booms in Suzhou CCTV News

China’s Suzhou is home to exquisite garden pavilions, and also finely carved Jade Sculpture. The earliest jade pieces found there date back to five or six thousand years ago. The trade was highly regarded in the country during the Ming and Qing dynasties, and led to the development of its distinctive characteristics. Suzhou’s jade wares […]

Modern jade pieces – Price Watch:Dec.12

Do you want to know how jade buyers are often willing to pay much more for modern artworks than for antiques? According to the Yangcheng Evening News, the price of pieces between 2 and 3-thousand years old ranges from about $8-thousand to $70-thousand US dollars today. By comparison those creating by modern day jade Carving […]


An exhibition of works by Suzhou jade carvings masters such as Jiang Xi and Yang Xi were unveiled at the Beijing Aimer Art Gallery over the weekend. Let’s take a look at the exquisitely carved products demonstrating the beauty and skillfullness of the traditional craftsmen. This piece of jade carving shows a young couple. The […]

Jade carved in Shanghai style unveiled in Beijing CCTV News

Now, as you may know, Chinese people love jade. Scholars say the affection goes back as far as the Neolithic Age. Having that much legacy, jade Carvings are not simply for decoration. They are a widely revered art form in the country. And now artists from Shanghai have brought their unique styles to their counterparts […]

Acapella Contest Entry – Jade Stone

For DailyMed’s Acapella Contest. check the vid out : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4Z8WZxnMEg I don’t think I”m going to win so it dosen’t matter to me. I’m doing it for you. Take it for what it’s worth. Lyrics: forget about the lyrical lies about the physical. Forget about the money and pimpin that’s so typical Conceive another mindset […]