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Jade from the Pacific NorthWest

This Carving is Nephrite Jade from the Pacific NorthWest. Deposits are spread throughout various locations. This Material was used by the local Native Americans for various tools. It’s Strength, Durability and Beauty has been sought after and traded for hundreds of years. Pacific NorthWest Jade is today becoming recognized for its unique beauty and being […]

Create your own Bone Carving – The Foundation Class

Visit http://www.carvingbone.co.nz for more info! I will show you on this 2 DVD Foundation class how to really get into Bone Carving. We’ll create two amazing designs on the way and learn all the skills to get started in this fascinating hobby. I’ll show you in very clear and concise steps how to work with […]

(wood carving) Maori (wood carving)

http://www.koiwiarts.co.nz/ Carving Commissions, Ta Moko (Maori tattoo) bookings and up and coming exhibitions. maori tattoo maori tattoos maori bone maori language new zealand maori maori bone carving maori bone carvings maori carving maori culture maori jewelry maoris maori art maori music maori necklace maori pendants maori tattooing maori tiki maori translation nz maori maori carvings […]

Jade carving industry booms in Suzhou CCTV News

China’s Suzhou is home to exquisite garden pavilions, and also finely carved Jade Sculpture. The earliest jade pieces found there date back to five or six thousand years ago. The trade was highly regarded in the country during the Ming and Qing dynasties, and led to the development of its distinctive characteristics. Suzhou’s jade wares […]

Soap Carving For Begginners

I looked at some of the soap carving videos before I posted this one and all i can say is I hang my head low. My new years resolution will be to humble myself and learn. Duration : 0:10:0 Technorati Tags: Bird, Carving, Soap

Stone sculpture tutorial: limestone carving by french artist Frederic Chevarin

See http://www.frederic-chevarin.com for more stone sculptures How a block of Caen limestone becomes a stone sculpture called “A sail for Nigel”. I hope you’ll enjoy this video which is about 18 hours of carving reduced to about 3min. It is shown how to start by using a clay model, and then how to use an […]